truck driver candidate screening criteria

You define your candidate screening criteria...

RecruitGear uses your criteria to screen and sort new truck driver applications

... RecruitGear uses your criteria to screen and sort new applications ...

hire the best possible truck drivers

... now concentrate your time and effort on hiring the brightest talent in the shortest possible amount of time.

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The Security of Your Data

Data Security

RecruitGear takes great care to secure customer data. All representatives have access only to that customer data that enables them to perform their jobs to their fullest extent. Using our custom Control Center, RecruitGear is able to limit access to customer data for all employees. Support Staff have the ability to terminal into servers, but may not necessarily have access to customer information. Access to customer data is strictly determined by job role and position within the RecruitGear employee structure.

RecruitGear has strict guidelines when it comes to hiring. These guidelines are addressed in the Employee Handbook and a Non Disclosure Agreement that each employee receives, reads and is required to sign off on as proof of reading and understanding all of RecruitGear’s policies and procedures. In addition, each prospective RecruitGear employee is interviewed a minimum of two times (once by the person who will be their direct manager, and again by the Senior RecruitGear Management Team), and each prospective employee who makes it through the interview process receives an extensive background check.

Finally, RecruitGear has a strict policy for the release and dissemination of customer data that is addressed in both our Service Agreement and our Corporate Privacy Policy. RecruitGear does not release, for any reason, any information relating to customers without prior written permission from the customer or without proper authentication and verification of ownership of that data. This policy covers everything from billing and support issues all the way to questions from prospective RecruitGear customers looking for information about customers that already use RecruitGear services (e.g. prospective customers with questions like “Can you give me the names of some current customers so that I can talk to them?” are not given ANY customer information but are directed towards our public Forum, where current customers can willingly give out their own information).

Physical Security

Of course, all of the redundancy, enterprise-level hardware and data security measures are meaningless if a web host does not have the physical security in place to protect your investment. Therefore, several measures are employed to ensure the security and stability of our customers’ data. At the data center, keycard access to both the building and all key areas within the building is employed. This ensures that only employees, or those persons with proper authorization, are able to even enter this sensitive area.

The datacenter can only be accessed by employees with proper identification so that only those people requiring access to our server equipment are granted access. Our server equipment is protected by state-of-the-art biometric, physical and other access control devices, manned 24/7/365 security and video surveillance. Advanced fire detection and suppression includes state-of-the-art pre-action fire protection and life safety systems.