• The feature set that makes RecruitGear great:

    For Applicants

    When you offer a quick, simple way for drivers to apply from the web, your site becomes a powerful recruiting tool. Driver-applicants will appreciate the convenience of applying online, anytime, anywhere.

    • Entirely Web-Based - RecruitGear gives applicants real-time application services from any computer, anywhere with web access.

    • No Downloads or Plug-ins Required - The only tool necessary for applicants is an Internet connected computer.

    • The application is conveniently divided into sections, which allows applicants to easily save, exit, then upon returning, Login and continue at the last point of progress.

    • Unlike a paper application, with RecruitGear, the user has the ability to add unlimited data as necessary for items like previous address and employment history.

    • Customized error messages alert the applicant to any problems regarding data entry, allowing him to make corrections before continuing.

    For Recruiters

    RecruitGear is quick to deploy. There is no technical knowledge needed.

    • Accessibility - RecruitGear allows authorized recruiters to access the system anywhere from any Internet connected computer. Recruiters will have access to real-time data on all applicants.

    • Communication Features - Tap into your applicant database and keep current with targeted applicants. Effortlessly assemble and send e-mailed announcements and invitations to events, meetings, and more, to any group from your database of applicants.

    • Never Lose an Application or Candidate - RecruitGear even gives you partial data when for any reason a candidate fails to complete his application.

    • Automatic Screening - Upon completion of the application, candidates are automatically screened based on your preset criteria.

    • Applicant Grouping - Newly qualified candidates will appear in one section, while rejected applications will default to another. A third section contains candidates in your processing phases and even displays which recruiter is working with that application.

    • Detail Reporting & Printing - Complete application data is viewable on-screen and formatted for printing. A link opens the candidate's reports for viewing or printing as desired.

    For Managers and Owners

    • Unlimited Recruiters, Representatives and Departments - There are no built in limitations for the number of support staff you can have working the system. Plus there is never the need to purchase costly individual licenses.

    • Customized Interface - Your ability to customize your RecruitGear interface allows your RecruitGear application to blend seamlessly as an extension of your web site.

    • Customizable Online Applications and Scoring - The applicant tracking system has a filtering mechanism that consistently provides you with reliable candidates and screens out candidates whose skills do not match your preset requirements. The filtering mechanism is customizable - you set the criterion for screening.

    • Activity reports are generated allowing you to manage every phase of the recruiting/hiring process.

    • Tracking reports allow you to determine the most cost-effective and successful forms of advertising.

    • Low Cost - As a Web-based, hosted solution, RecruitGear reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO). RecruitGear works for you on the web. There’s no hardware to buy and no software to download, and you won’t need to involve your IT staff for setup. The RecruitGear team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and upgrades at our world-class data center.

    • Security - The entire application rests in a secure area for both front-end and back-end users, and all confidential data is encrypted to ensure data integrity.

    • Compliance - By partnering with companies that provide MVRs, background checks, and alcohol / drug testing through an electronic data exchange, RecruitGear virtually eliminates paperwork and hands-on involvement by your staff of recruiters.