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We’re not the biggest. We can't brag that we have the most bells & whistles.

For $1000 a month you can contract with the big guys and get all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Then is highly likely that you won't use them all. So we designed RecruitGear to be a different kind of solution.

RecruitGear is a rock-solid APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS) including a secure, compliant application for drivers and a sensible dashboard of useful management tools for recruiters. It has has faithfully served the hiring management needs of SMB trucking firms since 2007. It's nicely priced at $149 a month, not per recruiter but for your entire team of recruiters!

So if that is what you're looking for then RecruitGear is worthy of consideration including a FREE 30-day in-house test drive of the system.

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We have been working with RecruitGear since 2011 and they have fulfilled our needs not only with their product but their customer service. The on-line application was easy to incorporate into our webpage and the product is very easy to use! We are a regional transportation firm and the volume of driver hires does not support utilizing one of the larger programs that costs thousands of dollars each month. We feel RecruitGear provides the service we need at an effective cost per hire.

~ Lynne Acker, Logistics One

RecruitGear is the transportation recruitment and applicant tracking system for today's saavy truck driver recruiting teams.

  • Electronic signature capture
  • Automatic applicant scoring
  • Rules-based data collection
  • Expedites manual processes
  • Optimizes team data sharing
  • Built-in batch e-mail to applicants
  • One cost ($149) for your entire staff
  • Application dynamically extends as needed
  • No volume restrictions on your applications
  • More...

RecruitGear's no-nonsense, cost-effective, solution expedites and manages the tasks associated with the truck driver hiring process. It is ideally suited for transportation firms, driver staffing companies, and truck driver recruitment agencies. See it in action ⇒ click here to request a convenient demonstration.